Red Light
Green Light

F84 has developed a brand new experience exclusively for Fortnite!

Made in UEFN, F84 leveraged Epic's new Verse programming language to create a uniquely themed game based on the classic rules of Red Light Green Light!

Play Now using this link! (Click Here)

PlayCats Roblox

Check out the brand new F84 Roblox experience, PLAY CATS! Invite your friends to collect fish, explore new worlds, and much more!

We are regularly updating this experience based on user feedback, so play regularly to keep up any new features!

How much can you find in this secret-packed world?

Play Now using this link! (Click Here)

Android Auto
OS: Vinfast

F84 has partnered with Vinfast to bring forth a new style of gaming. In-car games will soon become reality!

Compete against your fellow riders OR against others in Vinfast vehicles! Sitting in traffic has never been more fun thanks to F84!

Tweety Bird
AR Filter

Take photos alongside Tweety Bird using the F84-developed, Tweety Bird AR Filter! Will you photo-bomb Tweety’s photo? Or will Tweety photo-bomb yours?

Mini Games

Do you have what it takes to be a Gotham City crime fighter? Put your skills to the test in this micro-game collection!

Explore the Batcave and discover Batman's diverse array of gadgets & vehicles! Train with each gadget as you participate in replayable missions across Gotham City!

Real Live

Interact & Play with Despicable Me’s Stuart! With over 30 animations and more than 200 sounds, the fun never ends!

Inspired by Illumination's iconic Minions, Stuart has 4 play modes - Bello, Fart Blaster, Kung Fu, and Banana!