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Tootsie Pop

Tootsie POP is a Multi-Platform match 2, Free-to-Play mobile game based on the American Nostalgia brand Tootsie Pop. Tootsie POP may be downloaded as a native application from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Tootsie POP is currently in development and soon to be released on the Facebook Instant Games platform.

F84 and Tootsie Industries partnered to create this digital brand extension that engages a passionate community of brand loyalists. With the multi-platform strategy we are able to reach fans on the platforms they prefer most.

Tootsie POP brings brand engagement outside of the shopping isles and traditional promotional mediums and into the digital age through mobile lifestyle game content. The next phase of the product begins a digital to retail loop intended to increase retail sales, decrease user acquisition costs and provide fans more of what they want.

Tootsie POP Features:

  • Free to play!
  • Cute and colorful candy-themed areas
  • 250+ handcrafted match-style puzzles
  • 8 Challenge Factories
  • Powerful in-game prize packs
  • Unique Tootsie inspired candy challenges
  • Candy crunching combinable boosters!
  • Handy candy-clearing power up tools
  • Friend tracking and leaderboards!
Tootsie Pop shot 1
Tootsie Pop shot 2
Tootsie Pop shot 3
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Tootsie Pop